The i-comment360 Persona Personality Profile is a powerful analysis tool with a wide variety of applications.  

Sometimes called psychometric tests, Personality Profiles have been around for a very long time.  It was Hippocrates who observed different types of people over two thousand years ago. More recently Carl Jung’s book ‘Psychological Types’ in 1923 and the research of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabelle Briggs Myers have shed more light on the science of Personality. 

The main aim of the Personality Profile is to help individuals to understand themselves and what drives their behaviour, to understand others and how they are different, and in doing both of these things, value the differences and help people work together.  

Uses of Personality Profiles

Here are some of the applications of Personality Profiles:

  • Team-building – Every leader knows that they achieve more when the team works well together. The Persona Personality Profile helps the individuals in the team to understand themselves, their impact on their colleagues, why others are different, and helps the team to communicate effectively and work together in a better and more effective way.
  • Sales Training – Knowing your customer is critical in sales. As a salesperson, you must build rapport with your customer and gain their trust, but every customer is different. The Persona Personality Profile helps to you recognise and understand the differences in people and how to flex your approach to suit different customer personalities. 
  • Leadership Training – Good communication skills are key for a successful leader; understanding when and how to communicate with your team.  Through communication you show you are a trustworthy and responsible leader, you delegate to and motivate your team, you tap into their knowledge and expertise and receive their feedback.   Persona will help you do all of this and more.
  • Coaching
  • Recruitment
  • Personal Development