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Using Personality Profiles in Team building

How can Persona reports help in team building?

A team is made up of a number of people working together. These people are all working towards the same goal, but every person is different and teams usually contain a number of different personalities, who do not always see things in the same way.


Belbin describes nine different team roles and his observations show that teams are more effective when they contain a mix of different people, one of each of the nine team roles.


Each of the four colours in the Persona personality report brings different attributes to a team and successful teams will contain mixture of different personalities to cover all the bases, for example, our Yellow will see the big picture, focus on the positives and want to get stuck into the action whereas our Blue will try rein this in, making sure the details are considered and that risks are mitigated. Our Red is action orientated and results focused, however may not consider the people issues – the Green in the team is there to help support the people and make sure everyone is heard and valued.


We often find some of the traits of our personality opposite to be irritating, or we do not understand why people do what they do. When running a team building session with Persona reports, we explore the four main personality types – Blue, Red, Yellow and Green – their strengths and their weaknesses. We then look at the Persona reports to see where each team member fits and show the whole team on the Persona team wheel.


A team can see where they sit on the wheel and where each of their colleagues sits. This can explain why some team members understand each other well and why others often have differences of opinion. By understanding the personalities of the other team members, we can adapt our behaviour when dealing with different personalities in order to improve relationships and communication within the team.




If you are interested in running a teambuilding session for your team using Persona, please contact us.  A Managers Guide to Teambuilding with Persona is available to help you facilitate your session.