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Using Persona in Sales Training

Any good salesperson will tell you that one of the fundamentals of selling is knowing, understanding and building rapport with your customer.  Personality plays a big part in getting to know someone and making a connection with them.

If we try to persuade people to our way of thinking before we understand them or their views, our efforts will fall on deaf ears. The colourful analysis in the Persona report is really useful to getting over this first hurdle. Once we understand ourselves and our colour energy we can begin to recognise these things in others and adapt our behaviour to build that connection with the customer.


Take this example of a major pharmaceutical company who were looking to improve the training of their sales teams.  The company had a large sales force and the vast majority of the sales team showed strong Yellow energy (extroverted feeling, see About the Colours).  They were great at being sociable and giving dynamic presentations and moved on quickly from rejection, so appeared to be ideal salespeople.


In reality, this sales team sold to doctors, both surgeons and General Practitioners.  A large proportion of these doctors were Green or Blue.  The company believed in dynamic opening statements and enthusiastic presentations, which suited the sales team but was hardly the best way to work with physicians.  The company worked hard on helping their sales team to change their approach to clients and sold to the m in a style more suited to their clients’ personalities.


Using Persona in sales training will help you to:


bulletpoint   Understand yourself - What is your sales style? How do you communicate with customers?
bulletpoint   Recognise the colour energies in others - Identify differences in personality so you know who  you are dealing with
bulletpoint   Adapt your behaviour to relate bettter to others - Modify your approach to communicate with your client in the way that suits them, rather than you.  Ask the right type of questions to get the information you need from your client.  Change your presentation to include the level of detail that the client wants to see.


The Persona Personality Profile, paired with a Sales 360 Degree Feedback report, can enhance any sales training programme.  The Persona report can be tailored to fit seamlessly into your existing training programme, or we can work with you to design a new programme around the Persona profile.  Accreditation materials for using Persona are available.


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