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Using Personality Profiles in Recruitment

How can Persona help in Recruitment?

Personality reports have been used widely in recruitment for a long time to help match applicants and jobs. Personality is much more than just Jungian preferences; education, experience, training, up-bringing and life all add to our innate characteristic. We can adapt ourselves to many different roles and play different parts in our everyday lives.


The Persona system uses colour to describe behaviour in a simple and effective way which is memorable to all users. This creates a common language to discuss personality in a team context.  There is no doubt that consideration of colour energy can help individuals find a career that suits their personality and help employers find candidates whose personality is suited to a career.


The Persona report is not a test and there is no right or wrong answer, but it can help with the following:


  • Defining the type of personality that would fit into the job role – think of the characteristics that you would like a job holder to have (e.g. attention to detail, energy and enthusiasm, bold and determine, or a real team player) and find a candidate who ticks most of these boxes.


  • Connecting with and understanding your applicant – during the recruitment process you have a short time to get to know a candidate. Getting the candidate to complete a Persona report, then going through the strengths and development points with the candidate at interview can help to give you a much more in depth understanding of your applicant in a short space of time.


  • Developing stretching questions for interviews – focus your questions on the items highlighted by the Development Points section of the candidate's report and how they deal with their areas of weakness in certain situations.


  • Assessing fit with the existing team - if you know the personalities in the existing team, you can select someone that will fit more easily, complement existing behavioural skill or fill in gaps in the team.


  • Understand previous successful jobholders to find a similar person – if you have a successful team, who all show similar strong colour preferences, you may wish to look for a similar person to fill a gap in that team.


  • Understand how your own preferences can affect the process – perception is very important here. Your own colour preferences may influence the way you view a candidate, especially if they are very different to yourself.


  • Consider what is not obvious, as well as what is – from a CV and at interview candidates push forward their main strengths, however they may have other talents which are not immediately obvious and may be highlighted by their Persona report.


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