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Using Persona in Leadership Development

Leadership is the subject of thousands of books; there are diverse theories and innumerable examples of excellence and as many examples of disaster. There are a great variety of leadership styles and many, many different types of leader.


We recognise that all leaders are different, as are the teams they lead. Great leaders come in all shapes, sizes and personalities; from Richard Branson to Margaret Thatcher, from Ghandi to John Major – all successful leaders in their own way using their own style.


The Persona report will help a leader to understand his or her style in more depth, where strengths lie and where areas for development can be found. Leaders can then go on to understand these characteristics in others and adapt their leadership style, or the way they do things, to the team that they are leading.


Kenneth Blanchard described his model of situational leadership as "Different strokes for different folks". The colour model helps us to identify the different folks and their needs and then what different strokes to use.


Each of the four colours (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) will have a different leadership style. Though a dominant style may be clear in an individual, leadership involves using all our energies to accomplish the day to day leadership tasks from generating ideas to evaluating, from involving others to decision making etc.


Leadership is about playing to our strengths while understanding and building on our weaknesses – or not allowing our strengths to be overplayed and perceived as weaknesses by those around us.


We have prepared a wealth of training and accreditation materials for using Persona in a Leadership Development context. Please contact us on 01383 851632 or by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.


The Persona report can be combined with a Leadership 360 degree feedback report to form basis of an effective leadership development programme.