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Using Personality Profiles in Coaching

How can Persona Reports help in coaching?

Coaching is helping someone reach their full potential; often helping to maximise performance, enabling a person to measure their own achievements and realise goals by helping them learn. It involves helping them finding their own solutions rather than telling them the way.


There are a growing number of life coaches, personal development coaches, business coaches, executive coaches and corporate coaches out there helping people and businesses to define and achieve their goals. Coaching is also increasingly used in the workplace as a method of learning.


To coach successfully you need to understand the person you are working with, build trust, make a connection and communicate successfully. The Persona Personality Profile can help you do this.


Asking your coachee to complete a Persona profile and going through the report with them early on in you coaching relationship can help you to better understand your coachee and to tailor your questions to their individual personality.


Encourage your coachee to make the most of their strengths, while considering their weaknesses may affect the achievement of their goals. Encourage them to add the strengths from their psychological opposite while staying true to themselves.


Each person will approach the coaching process in a different way. A good coach will be able to adapt to their different coachees, and the Persona report can help you to do this. For example:


Redsq 30Our Red will be great at goal setting, especially stretching goals, but will sometimes set goals which may be too much of a stretch. Our Red will want to get started and take action, but may not have considered the details of the plan sufficiently.


Yellowsq 30Our Yellow is great at thinking of all the things that are possible and wanting to great things going forward, but may see the world through rose tinted glasses and fail to notice and plan for the some of the potential obstacles along the way.


Greensq 30Our Green likes to make sure they have consulted and considered everyone else before moving forward, and may have difficulty taking tough decisions if it affects other people.  Our Green is realistic about what is achievable and shows commitment to reaching the goal.


Bluesq 30Our Blue will carefully think through the consequences of all the options and come up with a detailed, step by step plan, although they sometimes need encouragement to move out of the planning stage and onto the action.


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