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Uses for Personality Profiles

What is a Persona report used for?

There are many uses for a Persona report.  Below we have made a list of the way we have used the Persona report to date, and some ideas we have for future developments:

  • Coaching - helping clients understand their behaviour and resolve difficult situations.

  • Team building - helping build successful team interactions so the team can, communicate and work better together. One section in the Persona report looks at the value of your personality type to the team.

  • Sales training - helping sales people understand and improve their approach to customers.

  • Leadership development – managers undergoing leadership development training use Persona reports to understand behaviour and how to understand, motivate and develop their teams.

  • Personal development – individuals can use Persona reports when putting together their personal development plans. The Development Points section highlights areas where there may potential for development, given the individual's personality.

  • Health & safety leadership – we created a custom Persona report for a construction company to help managers understand their approach to health & safety in order to work towards the goal of eliminating accidents on construction sites.

  • Recruitment - finding the right candidate for the job and trying to ensure the best fit candidate for the existing team.
  • Dispute resolution – when team members have a disagreement or don't see eye to eye, running Persona report can help them to understand the aspects of behaviour that annoy each other and adapt their behaviour to improve their relationship going forward.
  • Customer service training – the customer is always right! Understanding personality helps customer service staff to appreciate the customer's point of view and empathise with them.

  • Dealing with difficult people – sometimes we find it difficult to deal with the personality type that is opposite to our own, however understanding the personality of the 'difficult' person helps to adapt our approach and perhaps find them less difficult.

  • Many other applications – our personality governs how we approach many different tasks such as fitness training, goal setting, weight loss etc. The standard Persona report can be used for any of these, sometimes with the support of a coach. We can write tailored Persona reports for a variety of applications.


If your idea for using personality profiles is not included above, please contact us.  We are always exploring new ways to use and develop our Persona report.