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Personality Profiling Tests

What is a personality report or personality profile?

Over two thousand years ago, Hippocrates observed four types of people and classified them as Sanguine, Melancholic, Choleric and Phlegmatic. This was probably one of the first classifications of personality profiling tests or temperament.


In 1923 Carl Jung published his book, Psychological Types. His work on 'attitudes', Introversion and Extroversion, and 'rational functions', Thinking and Feeling, form the basis for most modern personality assessments, including the Persona Personality Profile.


There has been much work done on the subject since then and many systems of personality classification including the DISC system and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The Persona personality profile aims to help individuals understand the psychological preferences of their own personality and how they drive aspects of behaviour. They can then use this knowledge to recognise the same elements in other people and adapt their behaviour to improve relationships.

How does Persona report look at personality?

The Persona personality profiling test uses your responses to questions to analyse your psychological preferences. It is sometimes called a psychometric test, but it is not a 'test' as there are no right or wrong answers and no personality type any better than another, although some personality types may be better suited to some tasks than others.


We look at four elements of personality – Introversion, Extraversion, Thinking and Feeling – as these are easily measureable and recognisable by individuals in everyday life, not just by experts.


We then use colour to describe the main four psychological types that these preferences give us in order to bring the psychology to life and give an easy-to-use, practical, everyday application that everyone can use:

    • Blue is an Introverted Thinking preference
    • Red is an Extraverted Thinking preference
    • Yellow is an Extraverted Feeling preference
    • Green is an Introverted Feeling preference


Personality Profiling Type

We use "Personality Type" to describe typical behaviours exhibited by individuals. Reds behave in certain ways that are recognisable and different to the ways Greens would respond to the same circumstances. Many personality assessments use "Type" to paint pictures of individuals. Myers Briggs has sixteen types, Belbin nine types.


The concept of "Type" is really useful to help us understand personality though we would describe Red, Yellow, Green and Blue as building blocks of the system rather than types of personality. We know that high Red supported by Blue is a very different personality to high Red supported by Yellow. The colour building blocks interact in unique ways to make personalities so rich and varied. We share characteristics but at the same time we are unique different individuals.


So we use "Type" as useful shorthand to help our understanding but the system measures each individual's unique proportions of Blue, Red, Yellow and Green to produce an individual report that reflects this.