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About the Graphs

At the back of your report you will find a page containing one or two graphs and the Persona Wheel.


Your Conscious Persona Graph

From the answers to the questionnaire that you completed to produce your Persona Report we measure four aspects of personality and show the percentages of each on this graph.


The four aspects are represented by colours:

  • Blue is a measure of Introverted Thinking
  • Red is a measure of Extraverted Thinking
  • Yellow is a measure of Extraverted Feeling
  • Green is a measure of Introverted Feeling


Consious Persona GraphNo person has just a single colour; everyone is a unique blend of all four elements that contribute to the person that they are. Each constituent of a person's personality affects the next; Red with Blue makes for a very different style than Red with Yellow.


The graph shows the balance of your colour energies. When the strength of each colour is taken into account there is a huge variety of different graphs to show all possible colour blends.


Most people (around 95%) have one colour energy as the strongest e.g. Blue, followed by one of the colours that appears next to Blue on the wheel e.g. Red or Green. A small number of people have their highest and second highest colour energies as opposites (Red / Green or Yellow / Blue).


The shape of your graph determines that choice of statements that go to make up your report.



The Persona Wheel

Colour Wheel RedThe Persona Wheel shows all of the colour energies and how they fit together. To help show how your colour energies fit with your colleagues, we map your position on the wheel.  The closer your position is to a colleague, the more aspects of personality you will have in common. It is likely that you will understand colleagues who's position is close to your own and work well with them.  The further your position is from that of a colleague, the more you may differ in your perception of a situation or of the "right" way to do things. Those colleagues on the opposite side of the wheel from you can be the most difficult for you to understand.


Your own position on the Persona Wheel is included in your report and, if your team have all completed Persona reports, the entire team can be mapped on a Persona Team Wheel.


The Team Wheel can then be used in team building or team communications sessions to help improve the effectiveness of communication and working practices within the team. Team members will recognise where people differ from them and understand that they may need to adapt their behaviour when dealing with different personalities.