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About Your Report

The Persona Personality Profile is a versatile and adaptable tool that is used to give people a common language to talk about personality and to use that knowledge to improve their communication and performance. 

The goal of the Persona Personality Profile is to help you to understand yourself, understand others and value the differences between you, and then to improve relationships by adapting to other styles. We do this in an easy to understand, memorable way, using colour to describe the different personalities.


The Persona report tries to show how different personalities deal with different things in day to day work or life, or more specific things such as communication. Perception is all important here as other people see only our actions, not our intentions, and can interpret these actions in a way other than that we intended. Understanding how you come across to others in your team is essential in an effective team.


Format of your Report

After an introduction section, giving you a little bit of background to the psychology that the report is based on, your report contains a number of sections based on your personality. The Persona system tailors your report to your personality based on the answers that you gave to the questionnaire.


This describes the format of our standard Persona report, however further sections and graphs are available.  See our Report Sections page for a full list of the report sections available.



This first section contains three paragraphs of general statements which describe how your personality comes across to others in the workplace. You will agree with some of them and may think that some of them describe you less well. If there are any statements that you feel do not describe you, we suggest that you amend them until you have a statement that you wold be happy to share with your colleagues.



The next section is made up of a number of phrases that describe your key strengths, in a bullet point list. You can use this knowledge to focus on these areas of strength when trying to achieve your goals.


Development Points

This section, also in the format of a bullet point list, gives you examples of areas in which you may have room for development. You may already be aware of these areas and have previously worked on them, or they may be new to you. You can work them into your personal development plan.


Effective and Ineffective Communication

The final tailored section of your report looks at ways that you like to be communicated with and ways that you find less appealing.  These can be shared with your colleagues to make team interactions run more smoothly.



Following the text sections tailored to your personality is graphical representation of your personality using our colour system. There are two graphs.


The first graph is Your Consious Persona and shows your responses to the questionnaire, presented in a bar chart, and shows which elements of your conscious persona are strongest.


The second graph shows your position on the Persona Wheel. You can use this to compare to the positions of your colleagues on the wheel to identify differences and similarities between you.


Further infomration is available on our About the Graphs page.


A sample report is available to download from our Library page.