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About the Colours

The Persona Personality Profile uses colour to describe the four main psychological types.  Below you will find a description of each of the four colours.  Most people will identify mainly with one of the colours, but everyone is likely to have a mixture of characteristics from each of the colours in their personality.


Bluesq 30  Blue

Blues are analytical, structured, realistic, logical and disciplined.


Our Blue sees their role as organising the important details of a project, bringing technical expertise and focus, initiating the small improvements that make a difference, the teams quality controller and standing back to evaluate before launching into a plan.


When things go wrong they may well point out where things went wrong, go back to the original plan and check assumptions, analyse the situation and presents the options, allocate resources to the specific tasks that is hold back the team and learn from the difficulty and take this learning forward into the revised plan.


Redsq 30  Red

Reds are bold, determined, confident, challenging and direct.


Our Red sees their role as bringing a clear direction, determined and focused, keeping the team on target, pushing the team to take decisions and challenging the status quo.


When things go wrong they may well look for the three key learning points and move on, drive on to succeed; failure is not an option, express the view that winning isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing, bring clarity and purpose to a change of plan or regard it as just another challenge.

Yellowsq 30  Yellow

Yellows are enthusiastic, friendly, free spirited, positive and imaginative.


Our Yellow sees their role as the team's visionary, offering new ways of tackling problems, making the impossible possible, never lets procedure get in the way of results, and keeping up the team spirit.


When things go wrong they may well take the opportunity to add new ideas, see the good in all situations, reshape the original challenge to make success possible, keep talking positively, rally around and encourage others or simply ignore the problem and move on to the next challenge.


Greensq 30  Green

Greens are considerate, caring, supportive and loyal.


Our Green sees their role as working for harmony in the team, a loyal and faithful team servant, maintains the sense of balance, conscientious and calm and seeing both sides of an argument.


When things go wrong they may well keep their head down stick with it and keep working away thinking things will get better, believe cooperation will lead to success in the end, share the tasks with other groups, seek to ensure that the workload is equally spread across the team, ensure that everyone has their say about the solutions but also feels responsible for the setback.



A Blend of Colours

Nobody is absolutely all one colour; rather we are all a blend of each of the four colours.  It is how these colours interact and are balanced in each of us that makes us who we are.  The colours are the building blocks that we use to describe personalityin a way that is easy for users to understand.