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Personality Reports and Personality Tests

The Persona profile helps individuals understand their personality and how it drives aspects of their behaviour. Identifying and valuing the differences is a starting point of personal development and a valuable building block to improving communication in teams. The knowledge is used to recognise these elements in others and adapt behaviour to connect successfully.


bulletpoint   Understand yourself.
bulletpoint   Understand others & value the differences
bulletpoint   Improve relationships by adapting to others styles


We do this in a way that is easy to understand, memorable and affordable for everyone. In this way the theory can be applied comfortably to everyday life; in the office, at home, with children and friends. 


Which would you choose? 

Try free sample personality report to find out.    Free Sample Personality Report

bulletpoint   Bold and determined, Confident and optimistic, Enjoys stretching goals and leads from the front. Sets a winning mentality, is direct and to the point and thinks big.
bulletpoint   Free spirited, Friendly and optimistic, Inspirational and visionary, Generous and open-minded. Looks on the bright side, has a positive outlook and is spontaneuous and imaginative.
bulletpoint   Considerate and caring, genuine concern for colleagues, and avoids conflict. Involves others in decisions, respects others values, is supportive and loyal and strives towards a democratic solution.
bulletpoint   Logical and analytical, enjoys problem solving and needs time for reflection. Is realistic, sorts out the details, strong sense of duty, and is structured and disciplined.


A more thorough description of each of the colours can be found on our About the Colours page.


The standard Persona report has the following sections: an overview of your personal style, strengths, development points and effective & ineffective communication.  For a more detailed description of each the Personality reports, please see our About Your Report page.


Graphical analysis of preferences are mapped and the individuals position on the Persona Team wheel is used to show how the team work together.  Our About the Graphs page gives an in-depth explanation of the graphs in your report.


There are many different applications for the Persona Personality Profile Tests, from teambuilding to coaching, from recruitment to health and safety, from leadership development to customer service training.  The Persona report can be tailored to your specific needs and to your organisation with a choice of different sections and presentation options.



samplereportKey Strengths:Polite and diplomatic, can see both sides of an argument, fair, reasonable, involves other in the decision making process, finds the low risk route, values are most important.

Possible Weaknesses: Decision making can be painful, may take feedback personally, unduly critical of their own contribution, may appear to lack a sense of urgency.



samplereportKey Strengths: Self-disciplined, good problem solver, spots the flaws in others plans, takes the tough decisions, realistic and adaptable, adds an intensity to get things right.

Possible Weaknesses: May appear uncaring or aloof, knows the facts but may put people issues lower down the agenda, just won’t let go, demands perfection.



Map the team around the wheel


colour wheel

Sample personality reports and personality tests can be downloaded from our Library page.

If you would like details of the research and validation behind the Persona report please contact us on 01383 851 63201383 851 632.

Key Features of our Profiles

  • Quick and simple set up
  • Affordable for all the company
  • Create a company-wide language to improve communication
  • Customised chapters
  • Wide range of training materials
  • Team wheel
  • Trainer accreditation
  • Jargon free