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Gather information from employees and clients to build your business

Research has shown a direct link between happy employees and profitable companies. The best way to find out how employees are feeling about the organisation is to ask them. Our simple, fully managed, on-line questionnaire system can collect customer opinions, gauge employee engagement, measure employee satisfaction, collect new ideas or team opinions and much more.


You don’t have to learn a new application, just give us the questions and the list of participants and you can be up and running. If the project is to ask ten people ten questions for a team meeting or for 15 Departments, 10 locations and 10 management grades with 100 questions analysed into each possible variation; we can help.



5 Keys to a successful survey: 

bulletpoint   Explain to groups beforehand, what you need to know and why.
bulletpoint   Answer the WIIFM question. (What’s in it for me?)
bulletpoint   Explain how you will use the knowledge.
bulletpoint   Obtain senior management buy-in and participation
bulletpoint   Track changes over time



samplereportOur company surveys are the best way to find out how employees are feeling about the organisation. Sample survey questions can be downloaded from our Library page.

Key Features of our Surveys

  • Quick and simple set up
  • Fully managed
  • 3 separate analysis groupings
  • Standard or customised questions
  • Scoring and free text responses
  • Automated reminders
  • Regular progress updates
  • Confidential feedback