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360 Degree Feedback Services


Our team of experienced consultants can provide advice and support in creating a 360 degree feedback questionnaire and report tailored to the specific needs of your business. 


Questionnaire Design

The team at i-comment360 have accumulated many years of experience putting together 360 questionnaires for numerous businesses in many different industries.  We know what questions work and what questions provide less useful results. We will work with you to tailor the questionnaire to your needs.


Question Library

We have developed an extensive question library over many years or providing 360 degree feedback questionnaires to a wide variety of clients in a diverse selection of industries.  Our question library is organised by category so we can help clients to select relevant questions for their questionnaire in the categories that they want to assess.

Competence Mapping

Many companies have a core set of competences or behaviours for their employees to follow.  We can take these competences and set up a questionnaire with quesitons which specifically measure these attributes for your company.


360 Project Analysis

As well as providing indivudal reports for all participants in a 360 degree feedback project, we can provide overall data analysis for the whole group participating in the 360 degree feedback project.  This can be further analysed into departments, to give you a view of where certain skills lie in your business and identify areas to focus on.