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360 Degree Feedback Products


360 degree feedback can be used for a variety of different purposes.  The most common uses of our 360 degree feedback system include 360 assessments for people undergoing sales or leadership training and personal development 360's as part of a coaching programme.


Sales 360

Our Sales 360 is used by a number of clients undergoing sales training.  The 360 degree feedback is completed as part of the pre-course work and candidates are asked to set up a number of colleagues (including their line manager) and clients to provide feedback on their skills in a variety of categories.  They also complete a self-assessment.  The completed feedback report is then available to download in time for the classroom training, allowing the candidate to focus their attention on the areas of the trainng where they could make improvements.


Categories in our standard sales 360 include:

  • Preparation
  • Understanding the customer
  • Presentation
  • Gaining agreement
  • Closing the sale or make it happen!


We can also provide an overall analysis of data collected for an entire sales team, or for groups within the sales team.


The 360 feedback can be repeated six to nine months after the sales training and results compared from the first 360 to show the improvement that the training has made, either on an individual basis or for a whole sales team.


Leadership 360

A large number of organisations offer leadership training to their upcoming managers.  There are a number of skills that are very important to a good leader, but very few people have all of them.  Our leadership 360 measures candidates against six categories of leadership skills.


Tailored Professional Development 360

We can provide a tailored 360 degree feedback questionnaire quickly and easily with your own questions or questions selected from our extensive question library.  This can be used as part of a professional development progamme.


Staff appraisal 360

Many companies have started using 360 degree feedback as part of their annual staff appriasal process.  These often assess staff against a company's core set of competences or behaviours.  Our 360 degree feedback system is fully tailorable so we can create an questionnaire that assesses against your competences.