360 feedback is used for a variety of different applications, but its overall purpose is to gather the views of people all around the participant. The aim is to get a balanced view, their strengths and areas for development, to help them improve their performance by giving them scores compared to peers and feeding back specific comments on their performance from colleagues.

We provide a fully managed service, guiding you through the process from questionnaire selection or creation, gathering feedback and providing clear, easy to understand reports. Our 360 feedback system is easy to use and straightforward.

We have a range standard questionnaires covering areas such as Leadership development, Sales training and Emotional Intelligence, or our experienced team can guide you through the creation of a bespoke questionnaire to fit your exact requirements.

Our 360 feedback service

Our experienced team have guided companies and participants through tens of thousands of 360s over almost 20 years.  Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible for you and your team.

Standard 360 feedback reports

We have six standard 360 degree feedback questionnaires to cover a wide range of business areas and development needs.  Details of each can be found below:

Leadership 360

Leading a team is not an easy task.  It requires balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the customers and the staff, motivating those, making decisions and driving projects to completion.  It is more than managing.  

The Leadership 360 identifies the leader’s areas of strength and areas for development, allowing them to develop their leadership capabilities.  Every business needs good leaders to drive them forwards to success.

Management 360

Managers are responsible for a group of staff or an area of business.  They have to balance a number of sometimes conflicting areas; staff, budgets, training, project management, communication, monitoring performance and more.  

A Management 360 feedback exercise will show where a manager’s skills lie and where they have room for improvement.  Good, reliable managers underpin an organisation’s success.

Sales 360

Sales is a key area for any business; without selling your products or services, you have no business. Your sales team are in the front line for this; aiming to spread the word about your products or services, keeping existing customers happy, winning new customers and meeting the business targets.

A successful sales force is key to a growing business and a Sales 360 will help your sales team identify their areas of strength, plus those areas where they can work harder to deliver more sales and satisfied customers.

Feedback from customers is often illuminating. Essentially a participant is asking how they can improve the way they sell to that customer. Listening to the feedback gives a direct link to success.

Customer Service 360

The customer is always right, or so the old saying goes. Keeping your customers happy is key to keeping your customers, and happy customers tell others, leads to more customers.

A Customer Service 360 assesses how your staff communicate with customers by asking the customers themselves, as well as getting the internal viewpoint from your employees’ team; mangers, peers, direct report and other stakeholders.

Emotional Intelligence 360

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is defined as “the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.” The idea is that an ability to understand and manage your emotions greatly increases your chances of success.

How emotionally intelligent are your staff? Find out where their EQ benefits your business, and identify areas where their EQ could improve.

Resilience 360

All businesses need resilience.  This has become especially apparent over the past few years with the coronavirus pandemic.  A resilient business has resilient staff. 

Resilience can be built and this 360 will help to identify the area where additional resilience would be of benefit.  

Bespoke 360 feedback

If you know you want to run a 360 feedback, but none of the above cover your specific requirements, we can help.  We can set up a bespoke 360 for you using your own questions, built around your company competencies or values.  If you are not sure of the questions, our experienced team can help to create a questionnaire to fit your requirements.