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A Flexible 360 Feedback and Appraisal System To Meet All Your Needs

Over the last ten years tens of thousands of people have completed i-comment 360 questionnaires and helped develop our quick, simple solution to 360 feedback questions and appraisal system needs. The 360 survey questionnaires can be one of our standard questionnaires, compiled with questions from our library, your established questionnaires or we can develop questions based on development programmes or company competencies.  See our 360 Degree Feedback Services page for more details of how we can help you put together an effective 360 feedback programme for you.


Once a 360 degree assessment questionnaire is agreed, a 360 feedback project can be up and running in minutes. Participants set up their own colleagues for feedback; automated emails give instructions and links to the questionnaire and automated reminders encourage everyone to complete. Each participant can keep track of progress, administration login gives access to up to the minute information or we can give you regular updates on completion rates.


The system can cope comfortably with a thousand managers in an annual appraisal, 12 participants on a leadership development programme or just one participant for an executive coach session.



5 Keys to a successful 360 Feedback project: 

bulletpoint   Senior management should support the project and communicate the purpose and importance to all stakeholders at the outset.
bulletpoint   Keep the questionnaire as short as possible; 15-20 minutes to complete is long enough for a widely circulated questionnaire.
bulletpoint   Create an environment where all feedback is valued, given and received in a positive supportive way.
bulletpoint   Phrase questions in a positive way. Ask for examples of successes; don't just invite criticism.
bulletpoint   Text feedback provides pearls of wisdom to help individual's development. One text question for three scoring questions provides a balance.



The Line Manager (Green Line) has a very different view of the participants abilities.

Our flexible appraisal system meets most requirements but our developers can work on individual company needs quickly and efficiently. A selection of sample 360 Feedback reports are available in our Library.

Key Features of our 360 System

  • Scores from previous 360 programmes can be added – even those run on another system.
  • Compare with a benchmark score.
  • Manager approval, if required, for the list of names giving feedback.
  • Self-assessment questionnaire phrased for the individual
  • Analysis by category or by question.
  • Ability to ask different questions to clients or colleagues.
  • Simple access to updated reports for feedback after the expected close date.
  • Summary of results comparing teams to the wider organisation or industry.